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El_Rey atn_spielerrahmen_elrey

Kevin Assia      Germany      Age: 19     Role: Player


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Kevin is a part of eSport since FIFA 13. He was early a known player cause of his title at the VDFL 2013. (German Championship) After it he won the virtual Bundesliga and was qualified for FIWC in Madrid. In the Future he will qualifier for FIWC again and win much title he can.

Vasi atn_spielerrahmen_vasi

Vasiliev Andrei    Romania Romania      Age: 23     Role: Player


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Vasi has been playing FIFA since he was 15 years old. He began playing on a professional level 6 years ago, building up large list of achievements, some of which include placing:

  •  2nd place at East European Comic Con Romania 2014
  • 4th WCG Qualification Romania 2013
  • 1st Game Room Galati Challenge You 2014
  • 1st Shopping City Fifa 14 Lan 2014
  • 4th Computer Sport Games LAN Poland
  • 3th CSGAMES 2013 Poland