Sa, 19. Jul 2014

2 new additions to the ATN LoL Team
League of Legend


Today we like to welcome 2 new members for the Team Alternate League of Legends Team: Koi for the toplane and dax for the support role!

After some time of struggling the Team decided that some things have to change, so they sat down and discussed all options they had. In the end they decided to release Jannik 'PhantomJo' Markert (former Toplane) from the Team. Furthermore Maximilian 'Bonaparte' Lammel will step down from the Main Line-Up, but he will stay in the Team for this Season to play the running EPS Summer 2014 Season.


After doing some trials with several different players, the Team chose Kuba 'Koi' Nowicki to replace PhantomJo on the Toplane and Alejandro 'dax' Germain for the support role.

Here some words from our new Toplaner:


I'm pretty happy about joining Team Alternate alongside dax, a good friend of mine! During my trial for the team i think i have proven myself to be good addition as a toplaner to the team. 

I think that my experience and new view on some aspects of gameplay can secure us victories in future tournaments when we play together as a unit. I'm sure that together we can reach our goals: fight in future Coke leagues and reach for LCS qualifications and then to be one of top teams in Europe.

 Click here for the Polish Translation of the Statement


- Kuba 'Koi' Nowicki



The synergy on Botlane didn't improve and, so Josef 'Sunny' Schusteritsch decided to try out new players, which would fit better to his kind of playstyle. As a result of these trials he came to the conclusion that dax would be the best choice to support him:


Unfortunately the goal and motivation to play this game became different for some players within the team. This caused bad atmosphere and obviously bad results overall in past couple of weeks. Therefore we thought a change had to be made in order to get a top team again. I'd like to welcome Koi as our new toplaner and Dax as our new support. They are both highly motivated and strong individual players. Since we are playing with them, the atmosphere changed completely and everyone set his goal: Become one of the best teams in the European Scene. I would also like to thank Phantomjo and Bonaparte for the time spending with us. It was always a pleasure to meet them at Lans and we had a lot of fun.


- Josef 'Sunny' Schusteritsch'



I am immensely excited to be the newest addition to Team Alternate, which I will hopefully help achieve all the goals set for the new season, including Challenger Series and LCS.

The decision to accept the invitation to join the team was fairly easy to take, as I consider Alternate to be one of the most serious and professional organizations on the scene, with very solid resources that will let us focus on improving individually and as a team. I am also very glad to be joining the team along with Koi, who I consider to be a great player, friend and a buddy for a long time and that gives me a lot of confidence coming into this project.

The experience and knowledge I have adquired during these years by playing with the best and against the best on the scene will be of great use and we will work hard in order to achieve our goals.

I would like to thank Team Alternate for giving me this opportunity and also everyone who has consistently supported me.


 Click here for the Spanish Translation of the Statement


- Alejandro 'dax' Germain



In the end we from Team Alternate would like to give the Team some words to take along:


Even in the time of struggle we will continue supporting this Team. They have huge potential and we are sure they will grow under our organisation. Compared to our previous Team, which was playing the LCS, this Team has to gain the experience in order to grow as personalities and players. We hope we can provide the support they need for doing so. I'm pretty happy about our 2 newest additions, they are great characters and fit perfectly into the Team. They show the ambition to work and practice hard to succeed with the Team.
Of course I'm just wishing the best for Jannik 'PhantomJo' Markert, who recently joined Team Crowd Control and for Maximilian 'Bonaparte' Lammel as well.
A great thank you goes out to our sponsors, which make it possible for us to provide such great support to all our Teams: Sharkoon, Intel, Nvidia, CKRAS and especially Mad Catz!


-Sandra 'PsychoSan' Wenzelmann



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Di, 08. Jul 2014

We will face it in the FACEIT Invitational
League of Legend


Let's face it in the FACEIT Challenger Cup! Team ALTERNATE got invited alongside 7 other challenger teams to play in this online tournament! Well known teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas, SK Gaming Prime and H2K-Gaming will fight for a prize pool of 2,500 Dollar. 


General Information:


  • Tournament Format
    • 2 groups with each 4 teams playing the round robin (Bo1)
    • Top 2 teams of each group will advance to the single elimination bracket (Bo3)
  • General Info:
    • 8 European teams
      • Group A (Gamers2, SK Gaming Prime, Reason Gaming, n!faculty)
      • Group B (Ninjas in Pyjamas, H2k-Gaming, Unicorns of Love, Team Alternate)
    • 2,500 Dollar Prize Money
      1. Place - 1,200 Dollar
      2. Place - 700 Dollar
      3. Place - 300 Dollar


Update#1: Let's go for our first round int his Cup! Our first opponent will be Unicorns of Love, a well known Challenger Team and we will face them on the 8th July 2014 at 20:30 CEST! Instead of PhantomJo we will have Koi in the toplane and as our support we will have dax this time instead of Bonaparte!




 Picks and Bans: 08.07.2014 Team ALTERNATE vs. Unicorns of Love



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So, 06. Jul 2014

Dailymotion Challenger Cup
League of Legend


We're pretty happy to announce that we got invited to play the Dailymotion Challenger Cup. Gamers2 won't be able to play this tournament any longer, so we will replace them. 8 European Top Teams are participating in this tournament and will fight for an overall prize pool of 6,000 Euro. 


General Information:


  • Tournament Format
    • Double Elimination
    • Winner Bracket Bo3 /Loser Bracket Bo1/ Finals Bo5
  • General Info:
    • 8 European teams (H2K-Gaming, Unicorns of Love, Reason Gaming, n!faculty, Team Alternate, SK Gaming Prime, RoughNeX, GG Call Nash)
    • 6,000 Euro Prize Money
      1. Place - 3,000 Euro
      2. Place - 2,000 Euro
      3. Place - 1,000 Euro


Update#1: We play our first Game against the Team 'Unicorns of Love' at 21:00 CEST today on the 25th June 2014.
Update#2: Unfortunately we lost against Unicorns of Love with 0:2 and will drop down to the Loser brackets.
Update#3: On 6th July 2014 at 17:45 CEST we play against n!faculty in a Bo1, unfortunately we have to play with 2 subs (Support Sub 'dax' for Bonaparte and Jungle Sub 'Riku' for lNightmare)!


Stream can be found here:  http://dai.ly/x200n4c (UK)
and here:  http://dai.ly/x200nbc (DE)



 Picks and Bans: 25.06.2014 Team ALTERNATE vs. Unicorns of Love


 Picks and Bans: 25.06.2014 Team ALTERNATE vs. Unicorns of Love

 Picks and Bans: 06.07.2014 Team ALTERNATE vs. n!faculty


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