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ESL Heroes Major League Summer 2015 Europe

At beginning of June our guys from Team Fancy were able to reach the semi-finals of Major League Playoffs. With reaching the semi-finals, they got a spot in ESL Heroes Major League Summer 2015 Europe.

In season 3 the Major League will consist of 12 teams that directly qualified via the Open League and offers a $4.200 prize pool to its participants. Each season runs over the course of 8 weeks and leads into Playoffs & Relegation phase.

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weekly results

  • Eine weitere Woche mit vielen Ereignissen ist vorbei. Zeit um sie noch einmal kurz revue passieren zu lassen.

    Mit Bedauern mussten wir verkünden, dass wir und sowohl unser ehemaliges CS:GO Female Team und als auch unser ehemaliges HotS Main Team ab dem 1. Juli getrennte Wege gehen werden. Grund für diese Entscheidung war die Umorientierung in die Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Szene. Hier wollen wir versuchen uns als feste Größe zu etablieren und gezielt Teams in diesem Bereich zu beschäftigen und zu fördern.

    Doch natürlich wurden letzte Woche auch Matches ausgetragen. Vasi nahm am Wochenende am Esports Festival Belgium teil. Hier konnte er sich in der Gruppenphase gekonnt mit 2 Siegen aus 2 Spielen durchsetzten. Auch in der ersten Runde der Playoffs konnte er sich durchsetzen und musste sich erst im Viertelfinale geschlagen geben.

    | Esports Festival Belgium |  –  | 02 : 00

    | Esports Festival Belgium | –  | 02 : 00

    | Esports Festival Belgium | –  | 02 : 00

    | Esports Festival Belgium | –  | 00 : 02

  • Another busy week has an end with a lot of things happen!

    Regretfully, we had to announce that as of 1st July we and both, our former CS:GO Female Team and our former HotS Main Team will part our ways. Reason for the split with our ladies is the strategical decision to raise Team ALTERNATE to a key player in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) scene and to employ and promote teams in this area.

    But there were also matches this week. Vasi took part in the Esports Festival Belgium. With 2 Wins out of 2 games in groupstage he managed to reach the playoffs. Also the first game of playoffs was in Vasi’s favor. BUt than he unfortunately lost in quarters against ECV| Bruma!

    | Esports Festival Belgium |  –  | 02 : 00

    | Esports Festival Belgium | –  | 02 : 00

    | Esports Festival Belgium | –  | 02 : 00

    | Esports Festival Belgium | –  | 00 : 02

HOTS TopAchat Tournament


After the disbanding of our HotS.Main team the next task for HotS.Fancy is coming soon. Tomorrow starts for our Team the HOTS TopAchat Tournament organized by Millenium. Nine invited teams and seven teams placed by online qualifiers fight since 22nd june for a spot in playoffs. The teams are divided into four groups and only top 2 of each group advance to Playoffs. 2.000 € is the pricepool for the whole tournmanent. Team Liquid and Fnatic did it in their groups and now its time to do it too. Group C is waiting for us to be on the top at the 8th july. #ATNattax

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Esports Festival – Ghent 2015 – UPDATE


Update #4 – 05.07.2015 / 12:30

Unfortunately Vasi lost in quarters against ECV| Bruma!

Previous Updates

Update #3 – 04.07.2015 / 21:00

Gallery updated and two small videos from Vasi.

Update #2 – 04.07.2015 / 18:30

After 4 wins Vasi managed to qualify in playoff from the first place! Further Vasi could win the first round of playoff against ECV| IROKUS with 2-0 overall. The quarters will start tomorrow!

Update #1 – 03.07.2015 / 08:00

Some Pictures arrived from Ghent.

-> Update #4

After a quite time of silence in our FIFA Area we can give you this weekend something special. Our Romanian player Vasiliev “Vasi” Andrei George travels to Belgium this weekend. On Friday, 20:00 CEST, the Esport Festival  is going to kickoff in Ghent. With a registration fee of 65€ every player can compete for the prizepool of 4.000 €. Of course the number of rounds is being set by the number of players participating, but the organizators emphasize a groupstage. The tournament will be played on provided Playstation 4 consoles. To let the visitors feel the tournament experience the organizators think about it to stream live from Ghent. Now we need your Support. #ATNattax

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