Do, 05. Dez 2013

Araneae: Kerp is going to be one of the best Mid Laners in S4!
League of Legend

Alvar "Araneae", Teamcaptain of our League of Legends Team, did an interview with us about his current life and about recent events. We asked him some questions about his experiences of the first LCS Season (LCS Summer Split) he played with Team ALTERNATE, also about what he is doing in the meantime between LCS Summer Split Season 3 and LCS Spring Split of Season 4 and the new situation of the Team after Kev1n joined!

Hey Araneae! Thanks for taking some time to do this interview!

Thank you ATN for making this interview!

Let's talk a bit about the first LCS Split you played. What did you feel when you qualified for it?

I felt that we were a really strong and upcoming Team with Creaton. We didn't have enough time to practice with him, but we knew that practicing in the Gaming House would help us tremendously.

How far did it affect your private life? And how far did it changed you as a person?

Well, I wanted to have a chilled summer on Mallorca with my family and end up living in Germany, playing 24/7 videogames! :D
But overall it was a great summer and I made a lot of good friends!


There were Ups and Downs for the Team in LCS. What did you do as a Teamcaptain to keep Creaton, Jree, Kerp, ForellenLord and Whiteknight, our temporary sub, motivated?
Well, that was a really hard task to be honest. It was even hard to keep ME motivated, but I tried my best to make all working together as a big family. Sometimes we had internal problems, but I was always trying to work and live as a family.


What experiences could you get from the LCS Summer Split of Season 3 and which of them may help you to perform even better in LCS Spring Split of Season 4?

The Team Synergy is really important. You are about to live 4 months with a team, so, if the team doesn't have enough synergy, things will go bad.


What did you do in the meantime between those 2 Splits?

Watching World Finals, study a lot and spend as much time as I could do with my friends! =)


But before LCS starts again, there's another great Event coming for you guys in December: the "NA and EU LCS Clash in Battle of the Atlantic Tournament" taking place in L.A! How will you prepare for this and does this put a lot of pressure on you because it's one of the first big Events that shows the Gameplay Changes for Season 4 on a competitive-level?

It's a big event for us with tons of changes. We will meet in the Gaming House from this Saturday (7th December 2013) and bootcamp for 10 days till we travel to L.A.! New Season will gonna be crazy!


Do you feel comfortable playing with Kev1n again, after you already played with him in SK Gaming before? And why did you chose him?

We tried so many Top/Mid Laners and didn't really work out really good for us, except for Kev1n. He has a great knowledge of the Top Lane and he plays the strongest Top Laners. Also, I enjoy playing with him again a lot since he is a really cool guy and always happy and make me even more motivated for the new Season.

How do you think is Kerp doing in Mid Lane?

Kerp is a beast. I just have good words for his adaption to Mid Lane. Playing pretty much everything and on a really really high Level. I think Kerp is going to be one of the best Mid Laners in Season 4!

How do you see your performance in the Preseason 4 Jungle?
I love changes on the Jungle. I adapt really quickly and always try to pull some new champions to the metagame. S4 is gonna be AWESOME!


I think we all look forward to see you and the whole Team back in action! Any words you want speak out for your fans?

Thanks to all the ATN fans and all my fans, you are all great! Without you, we won't be anything! Also thanks to our sponsors: ALTERNATE, MadCatz, Intel, Nvidia and Sharkoon.



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