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joinDOTA League Europe Season #6 Playoffs – Update

Update #3 – 29.07.2015 / 19:00

GG WP!! We could win the game against 4Anchors during Lower Bracket Finals. Next season we will play at JoinDOTA MLG Pro League!

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Update #2 – 24.07.2015 / 23:30

Unfortunately the game was 2-1 in ESFX Power Rangers favour. GG WP!

Update #1 – 21.07.2015 / 08:00

GG boys! Our team won 2:0 against epidemic so they now are in the winner bracket final against ESFX Power Rangers

After a great season in the joinDOTA League Europe Division 2 which we finished on the first place, we have the great chance to play as one of 14 teams in playoffs and go into Division 1. The playoffs are played from 9th of July till 16th of July. 4 successful teams will go into Division 1, all other teams will go into Division 2. Our team received a wildcard to the second round, so they will start into the playoffs TODAY 20th of July at 21:00 CEST against epidemic. We will keep you up to date with the latest information!

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HOTS TopAchat Tournament – UPDATE

Update #3 – 09.07.2015 / 09:00

GG WP guys, the match was 2-1 in our favour. It’s time for playoffs!

Previous Updates

Update #2 – 08.07.2015 / 22:00

The game was 2-0 in our favour. So 1-1 after 2 matches! Next match will be the decider for playoffs against Huron Team!

Update #1 – 07.07.2015 / 09:00

Unfortunately the first game of TopAchat Tournament was 2-1 in Kappa’s favour! We will face Imaginary Gaming Heroes during HOTS TopAchat Tournament Loser Match on Wednesday!

After the disbanding of our HotS.Main team the next task for HotS.Fancy is coming soon. Tomorrow starts for our Team the HOTS TopAchat Tournament organized by Millenium. Nine invited teams and seven teams placed by online qualifiers fight since 22nd june for a spot in playoffs. The teams are divided into four groups and only top 2 of each group advance to Playoffs. 2.000 € is the pricepool for the whole tournmanent. Team Liquid and Fnatic did it in their groups and now its time to do it too. Group C is waiting for us to be on the top at the 8th july. #ATNattax
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StormGrounds Invitational

Top EU teams will compete in this newly announced tournament, starting Thursday, July 9th makes its way into Heroes  with the $1500 Hitbox Stormgrounds Invitational. 8 of Europe’s best teams will battle it out in the single elimination bracket with 1st and 2nd place taking home $1000 and $500 respectively.

The tournament kicks off at 18:00 CEST  each day first of all on Thursday, July 9th  with the quarter final matches which will be best of one. On Friday, July 10th. We will see the semi finalists go head to head in a best of three, with the best of five finals taking place after the weekend on Monday 13th.

You can watch every match live on As well as interacting on chat during the event, you can join in on the social media fun by using the #Stormgrounds hashtag on Twitter.

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