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LoL EU West 5on5 Ladies Cup – Update

Update #4 – 30.08.2015 / 19:15

GG WP to our girls! First victory under Team Alternate!

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Update #3 – 30.08.2015 / 17:45

Also the semi final was in our favour! Next we will face Wizards e-Sports Club!

Update #2 – 30.08.2015 / 17:00

The game was in our favour! We will face Team Devious next!

Update #1 – 30.08.2015 / 13:00

During quaters we will face Angry Wyverns.

On sunday we proudly announced that Team Alternate now includes a female League of Legends team. This week the girls will play their first tournament under their new organisation. They will take part in the LoL EU West 5on5 Ladies #4. This is a weekly cup series that is open to all Female League of Legends teams in the ESL. Depending on the tournament result the teams earn Riot Points and also Go4 Points to rank up in the monthly ranking. The two best teams of the split by ranking points, qualify for the Ladies 1337 LoL Cups. All the matches are played in best of one mode. Read more to get detailed information on the Prizes, rules and of course of all the matches. Best of luck for the first tournament!

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Dota2 in the MLG Pro League

Statement from MLG

I have news regarding MLG. Sadly, it’s rather bad news. The next season will start in the next quarter (most likely in october) and will not be a qualifier for the MLG World Championship, but for another “regular” LAN in november/december.
However, your slot for that season later is definitely secured. We basically just skip one season. I’m sorry that all the information got delayed like that.

As we already mentioned in an earlier news article about the joinDOTA league playoffs, the boys of Team Alternate have won their final match against 4 Anchors + Sea Captain and will now participate in the joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 3! This promotion is a huge success for Team Alternate and of course for our players. Congratulations!

The team manager Adam ‘Shiru‘ Półtorak took the time to give us a short statement on this topic.

Team Alternate made a huge step in breaking to tier 1 competitive dota 2. We just made half a year of hard work worth it. Now we will be able to play official matches with well established teams on regular basis and I’m sure it will even speed up our progress. On this occasion I would like to thank Alternate organization – they believed and invested a lot in very young players. Also shout-out to our fans – thank you for flooding twitch chat with Polish language. I hope that from now on we will start to get more recognized also in international community. #RoadToTI6

Enter the Storm Cup #3 Group stage – Update


Update #3 – 24.08.2015 / 23:00

GG WP! The game was 2-0 in our favour. Due to this win, we will take part into playoffs!

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Update #2 – 24.08.2015 / 21:30

Unfortunately the game was 2-0 in Liquid’s favour. We’ll face Team Mozzarella break eSport next!

Update #1 – 24.08.2015 / 18:00

The game was 2-0 in our favour! Next we’ll face Team Liquid.

The gamescom is over and the Major League Summer Split is also finished. Now it is time for the Enter the Storm Cup #3 Group Stage where we will compete in Group A. We got seeded for the group stage in Cup #3 due to our participation in the playoffs of cup #2. Our opponents should be Team Liquid.HotS, Kappa123 and Huron Team but there had been some changes. Continue reading

joinDOTA League Europe Season #6 Playoffs – Update

Update #3 – 29.07.2015 / 19:00

GG WP!! We could win the game against 4Anchors during Lower Bracket Finals. Next season we will play at JoinDOTA MLG Pro League!

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Update #2 – 24.07.2015 / 23:30

Unfortunately the game was 2-1 in ESFX Power Rangers favour. GG WP!

Update #1 – 21.07.2015 / 08:00

GG boys! Our team won 2:0 against epidemic so they now are in the winner bracket final against ESFX Power Rangers

After a great season in the joinDOTA League Europe Division 2 which we finished on the first place, we have the great chance to play as one of 14 teams in playoffs and go into Division 1. The playoffs are played from 9th of July till 16th of July. 4 successful teams will go into Division 1, all other teams will go into Division 2. Our team received a wildcard to the second round, so they will start into the playoffs TODAY 20th of July at 21:00 CEST against epidemic. We will keep you up to date with the latest information!

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