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Heroes of the Storm division with a new Team.


  • We are happy to announce that our Heroes of the Storm division is growing and as that happens we will be bringing one more team, a completely fresh, motivated and very talented line-up of rookies.

    Guys previously known as “Team Fancy” will be joining Team ALTERNATE to form a two-team-powerhouse. Their latest results speak for themselves and you cannot say that beating MadCorps or LDLC is something bad, same as winning Go4Heroes cups, where some of Europe’s best fight for glory. And that’s not even a scratch of the surface. Therefore we came to a cheerful conclusion that these specific players are going to be what we need to shine even brighter on HotS’s competitive scene. 

    We are pleased to be able to announce our second lineup running in the competitive Hots scene.We believe that Hots is going to be the one of the top games in 2015 which is why we decided to gather two of the most successful lineups around europe.

    Our second line-up from now on will be represented by:

    • pl Paweł “Devizz” Pernak as Ranged Assasin/Carry Player Facebook twitter twitch
    • dk Martin “Crozzby” Rugh  as Flex Player Facebook twitch
    • de Markus “Blumbi” Hanke as Tank Player Facebook twitter twitch
    • de Simon “darkmok” Tabin  as Flex Player Facebook twitter twitch
    • se Andreas “Happy” Svensson as Support Player twitter twitch

    We, ourselves think of them as a new perspective for everyone and that’s why it was our idea to go for another Heroes of the Storm team. From this place we would like to wish them only the best results we can think of as we look into a brighter future where Team ALTERNATE, hopefully, is still Europe’s best. Give our new players some love!

Stani is leaving the CS:GO Team


  • We sadly have to announce that Jacky ‘sTani’ Lange is leaving our female CS:GO team. Multiple players are tested currently to replace her spot in the lineup. The Girls in Action Qualifier will be played with a stand-in player. As soon as new information are available we will give you an update in this news.
  • Wir müssen mit Bedauern verkünden, dass Jacky ‘sTani’ Lange mit sofortiger Wirkung das CS:GO Female Team verlassen hat.
    Für das Team werden zur Zeit verschiedene Spielerinnen getestet. Der Girls in Action Qualifier wird mit einer Stand-In Spielerin gespielt werden können. Sobald genauere Informationen verfügbar sind werden wir euch natürlich berichten.

A Beginners Guide to Dota 2: Part Four – Introduction to Lane Combos


One of the best things about Dota 2, is the open meta. You can run a double jungle and have one core carry in each lane, you can run an aggressive tri-lane with two hard supports, you can run a 2-1-2 with a hard support in each lane, or run the typical 1-1-1-2, with an offlaner, a midlaner, the jungler, and the duo lane. I prefer the aggressive tri-lane or the duo jungle. Giving your carries free farm and letting them get the last hits and experience they need. Sand King and Enigma is a very fun AoE combo to run duo jungle with, but sometimes splitting the gold can be a little challenging. A close friend of mine likes to play supports, like Witch Doctor, Silencer, and Dazzle, so I’ll generally play a carry like Razer, Gyrocopter, or Medusa. It gives you the feeling of the typical duo lane in most other MOBAs, but with more of a twist as you’re not stuck with an Attack Damage Carry. You can spread your wings and play someone tankier, or melee, or magic damage. The best thing about Dota is the unlimited choices you can make when you’re picking your role. If you really want to be a dingus and make your enemy team mad, try Dazzle and Sniper. You’ll get the range and damage from Sniper, and add Dazzle’s Shallow Grave, you’ll never die. Run an offlane Faceless Void for the Chronosphere, and you’ll land the best wombo combos in existence. Lich King and Drow Ranger is also a very fun one, throw in an Ancient Apparition for ultimate slows, and watch your enemies snail their way back to their tower.

To me, duo lanes are definitely something you should try with a friend that is learning how to play Dota. It’s a great way to get them to learn how to understand the basics and fundamentals of Dota, as well as possibly finding a new support to play with. Because we all know, most people don’t like to play support, they do it because they have to.

I’m keeping this a bit short because I want it to be more of an introduction to lane combos. There are hundreds of combinations you can try in each lane and even in the jungle, so it’s really up to you on how you want to play. But next week we will have a more descriptive blog on one of the more popular laning combos, one that ALTERNATE Dota 2 likes to play a lot, but we will keep it a secret until the article goes out. So stay tuned!

Grand Gaming Series – Marea Finala



  • After Vasis’ successful qualfication at the first cup of the Grand Gaming Series (Link)  he will start at the Marea Finala tomorrow. 16 participants will compete for  the pricepool of 1.500 €. There are many known participants and we can expect an exciting tournament. We wish Vasi the best of luck and hope for a successful tournament. #ATNattax

  • Nachdem sich Vasi im ersten Cup der Grand Gaming Series (Link) für die Endrunde qualifizieren konnte, geht es Morgen in die heiße Phase. Ab 10 Uhr kämpfen die 16 Qualifizierten um den Preispool von 1.500 €. Ausgetragen wird das Event wie schon die Qualifikationen im Baneasa Shopping Center. Bei der namenhaften Besetzung dürfen wie auf den Ausgang des Turnieres gespannt sein. Wir wünschen natürlich Vasi viel Glück und hoffen auf Erfolg. #ATNattax

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