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Mi, 30. Jul 2014

ESEA Main Season 17
Counter-Strike: GO



The team will contest in the first games of ESEA Main Season 17 starting 27 July 2014. With the boot camp in their back and the new teamspiritand gameplay, the guys sourrounding Michele 'zonixx' Köhler, they are going in the first games with good expectations. The first rounds of the bracket should be a solvable task.


ESEA Main Season 17 will be played between 27th of July and ends on 15th of September 2014 and our team will have 10 games in group stage and four additional gamedays if the finals will be reached. Overall there 22 teams in the group stage, eight teams will qualify for the finals and play there for qualification for the invite season. 



  Previous Updates

Today Team ALTERNATE have to play against Team rizeGaming on de_train at 7.45 p.m.


There is a GOTV available:

ALTERNATE won the game with 16:9


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Mo, 28. Jul 2014

EPS Summer 2014




The new EPS Season is about to start, let's turn it up for the EPS Summer 2014 Season! We're happy to see 3 Team Alternate Teams participating this time: It's our StarCraft 2 Squad, our League of Legends and of course our CounterStrike:Global Offensive Team. We hope all Teams make it through the Cups to the Groupstage and then into the Finals in thr ESL Studio where you awesome fans can meet them!
Check out this coverage to keep track of all 3 Teams!

 League of Legends


 CounterStrike:Global Offensive



 StarCraft 2




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Fr, 25. Jul 2014

Munich Starcraft Tournament
StarCraft 2

The Munich Starcraft Tournament takes place once again! 16 pro players play for 2100 euros in price money plus additional hardware. The one special thing about the Munich Starcraft Tournament is that You can take place in it too! The LAN party hosts a tournament for Masters/Grandmaster players but there are also organized tournaments for Platin/Diamond and even for Gold/Silver/Bronze players. A 2v2 tournament is also held.


The great thing: Everyone can join for only a small fee! (Go here to register).


For Team Alternate, KnowMe and Lambo were inivited to join the tournament.


General Information:


  • When:  Saturday, 26th July
  • General Info:
    • 16 players (12 invites, 4 from TakeTV Qualifier)
    • Double Elimination Tournament 
    • Prices:
      • 1st price: 1000 Euro
      • Overall price money: 2100 Euro







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